Archival Duplication Services Overview

bonolabs_blue_w  BonoLabs supports the important mission of institutions large and small to protect,  preserve, and provide access to their collections.   We are proud of our long-term record of service to the National Archives  and other libraries and repositories of our film treasures.

National Archives Material: what to expect

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) provides access to its vast collection of our nation’s historic moving image materials. Copies of items may be ordered through approved vendors, such as BonoLabs.

NARA is a treasure trove. However, it is not a stock footage house.  It is a Federal Government agency. Please allow ample time—four weeks for the entire process of requesting, handling, and processing an order.

The archival material within the collection can vary.

While the National Archives and Records Administration makes every effort to provide the best quality copy, some originals or copies of originals may exhibit physical defects due to fading, deterioration, a history of poor environmental storage conditions, or handling damage. Copies purchased from an approved vendor therefore may show the same visual and/or audio defects. All copies of National Archives records are purchased with the understanding that they may not be returned for credit refunds, or exchanges. —National Archives


Requests are handled through an approval process that begins with filling out an Item Approval Request List (IARL).  NARA will reject an improperly filled out request list. Let us help you get it right the first time!

If you are new to the process, watch our video series. Click on the buttons below.

Receiving a BonoLabs bid

We provide transfers in a variety of popular file formats for the major platforms (PC, MAC, AVID). Format choices include NTSC and PAL;  uncompressed HiDef and SD (standard definition); 2K, 4K, 6K, 8K non-bayer pattern data scans, ProRes422, H.264, etc.

To provide a bid, send the following using our contact form

  • your approved IARL
  • your transfer specifications for your copies
    Examples: “Hi Def transfer to ProRes 422 HQ” or “2K scan”

Looking for our spec sheet? Once you have accepted our bid, please attach your completed transfer spec sheet.