2K/4K for archival & legacy materials

So much has changed in the digital landscape since we first posted our exploration of the realm of 2K and 4K data scans of archival footage 3 years ago. Some may recall that our assessment at the time was a “cautionary tale” which mirrored the reservations that documentary media makers were expressing when incorporating archival footage in productions. Although the interest was there to acquire in 4K—possibly inspired by the flood of giant 4K monitors—the economics and the necessary ecosystem were not. What needed to happen for our clients to make a go of the workflow, in our view, included their devoting resources to increase computer processing capacity, investment in data storage and a commitment to “future proofing” above their selected delivery resolution. At the same time, the processes and connections of the expanding digital media landscape have expanded at an impressive rate.

We understand the landscape: 2K, 4K, 6K, 8K

With a near 6-decade motion imaging heritage to draw upon and continued R&D, Bonolabs has been helping our clients bridge the analog and digital domain since 2004 when we pioneered our first native 10-bit uncompressed high definition 1920×1080/24p transfers direct to hard drive. Our innovative and cost-effective approaches continue to support media makers who venture into ever high-resolution territory.

We’ve added 6K and 8K services to our line-up of native data scans. All our data scans are non-bayer pattern scans. Watch for new posts on our expanded services and get ready for more lines of resolution!

Post revised February 2020.