Given the insatiable appetite for storage across industries and growing data breach concerns, how can IT professionals and data managers maintain a secure and low-cost storage environment? Bonolabs, through its Harddriveshelf.com division, offers a hack-proof, cost effective solution to meet expanding offline data storage needs.

As the pioneer of the tapeless workflow in the world of media migration, Bonolabs saw a growing and compelling need on the horizon. Many industries, including digital imaging, were capturing and storing data to external [SATA] hard drives, but there were no cost effective storage solutions available. Drives were stacking up!

“Our hard drive shelves were born out of necessity,” said Tim Bono, president of Bonolabs. “We are a digital imaging lab involved in media migration from analog and digital to digital. With approximately 1200 SATA hard drives in house, we needed a way to securely store and protect our data. So we developed and built a series of practical hard drive shelves and related products and began to offer our products for sale.”

The wooden shelving, sold through the Bonolabs division called Harddriveshelf.com, has been purchased by IT professionals in various industries including law enforcement, media production, scientific research, and pavement data collection. “Customers want to organize their drives. They don’t need their drives spinning and accessible 24×7. They prefer 100 % security.”

Capacity of the modular units ranges from 6 drives to 360. The reasonably priced units are constructed in the USA. The basic pine shelving—with birch plywood inner shelves and back—are sturdy, non-conductive and designed to provide years of trouble-free hard drive storage. The smaller units are portable and useful for easy access at a work station. The larger units, such as the D-75, may be stacked or set side by side. All models feature tilted inner shelving to help hold the standard SATA 3.5-inch drives in place. Custom size openings are an option. On the horizon, the new A-360 features two D-180s. Bono says, “it offers the same strong and sturdy shelving but with a reduced footprint and is ideal for organizing quantities of accessible drives.”

Also coming soon are new shelf configurations for work station access. Stay tuned for a new capacity integrated with the units to scrub your data and migrate your data automatically—with minimal human intervention.

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